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Antenatal and Postnatal Care

The department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is headed by Dr Achi Ashok – our founder. Patients are attended to by her on appointment, and round the clock during emergencies. She is assisted by experienced and capable team of doctors, nurses and midwives. The department of Obstetrics offers

  • Complete pre pregnancy counseling and check-ups
  • Detailed antenatal checkups, smooth deliveries, post natal care.
  • Antenatal care during 1st trimester includes dating and viability scan, complete blood screening, NT scan and genetic screening test.
  • Antenatal care during 2nd trimester includes anamoly scan, immunization, and blood investigation.
  • Antenatal care during the 3rd trimester includes interval growth scan, blood sugar test and blood counts. We also offer 3D and 4D scan by our expert ultrasonologist in our center.
  • High risk pregnancy care and management including recurrent abortions, threatened abortions, Bad obstetrics history, Ectopic pregnancies, medical complications during pregnancy and NST (Non Stress Test) for continuous close fetal monitoring
  • Deliveries are attended to round the clock and conducted smoothly by our expert team.
  • Pain relief during delivery (including epidural analgesia) on patient’s request.
  • Postnatal care is an important stage where we assist and train the new mother to adopt to the new environment for the well being of herself and the baby
  • Newborn is attended to by expert panel of pediatricians at the time of delivery until discharge.
  • Postnatal care is required up to 6 weeks, which is taken care of by our team.

At Green View Medical center we have the best medical infrastructure and medical utilities to provide all round care and support to the patients.

For any queries related to antenatal and postnatal care contact us on 080-67927766.