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Joint Replacement At GreenView Medical Centre

The most common reason for joint replacement is aging, damage due to arthritis, accidents etc. With the aid of a surgical procedure, the abnormal bone and lining structure of the joints are removed and the new man-made parts are fixed in those places. This artificial joint is called prosthesis. It can be made up of plastics, metal alloys, polymers which mimic the function of a knee joint. Such an artificial joint helps to move the knee with no pain, maintains the joint’s motion, improves the joint’s look and alignment. Even though the joint replacement surgery takes few hours, the recovery and rehabilitation will last for some months.

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Generally, surgeons will prefer joint replacement surgery when the first line treatments such as medications, physiotherapy, weight reduction and the assistive device fails to support the patient to come out from the pain.

People who are advised for joint replacement surgery might often experience stiffness in the joints, joint pain, reduced joint motion, swelling, inflammation, muscle weakness and limping. Depends on the affected joint and the damage amount, the patient may have trouble in their routine activities.

During the joint replacement procedure, the damaged joint is resurfaced. The patient’s ligaments and muscles are used for support and function. The prosthesis is attached to the bone either with acrylic cement or it can be press-fit. It allows the bone to grow into the implant. Once the joint replacement is successfully done, the patient will be put in physical therapy to make a move and use with the artificial joint. At this juncture, the newly fixed joint helps in easy gliding that causes no pain.

Over the past decades, enhanced surgical techniques, new implant materials have been developed that made the joint replacement as one of the most reliable and durable procedures in the field of orthopedic medicine.

The need for joint replacement surgery can be minimized with a comprehensive treatment for a particular problem such as arthritis, etc. Medicines, exercises, weight loss, adding nutritional supplements, joint injections may help to live with arthritis as long as possible. When these treatments are no longer effective, and if the patient experiences pain and discomfort, the surgery is recommended.

 orthopedic treatment at bangalore


Green View Medical Centre is a leading hospital for orthopedic treatment at Bangalore. With the support of experienced orthopedists, all kinds of bone & joint related ailments are treated. Many patients have been benefited and relieved from their crucial pain with the help of eminent orthopedists.

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