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Dental Department

At Greenview medical centre, we offer a wide range of dental health care services to patients of all age groups. This includes the routine dental check-ups to fitting dental implants and treating oral diseases. We have an expert team of dentists and dental surgeons to take care of all diseases that cause damage to the teeth and gums. Dental diseases can be very painful and cause discomfort due to the rise of infections and inflammations of the teeth root. Medication and proper treatments can help overcome the issues in oral health.

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Speciality treatments offered in Greenview medical centre include:

Endodontic: all diseased condition related to roots of the teeth are treated by our dental department. The dentist investigates the teeth root for inflammations or infections that cause swelling and pain and decide on treatment plans to save the natural teeth by restoring the health and function of the roots.

Operative and Adhesive: we provide services to tooth erosion, tooth dysfunction, lesions, fractures, discoloration, deminineralization and white spots. We consider the operative and adhesive methods of treatment to restore the health and function of the natural teeth.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: this includes the treatments of injuries and deformities in the jaw and face bone.

Orofacial Pain and Medicine: we provide treatment for teeth grinding, jaw disorders and painful gums.

Orthodontics: orthodontics helps to rectify the irregularity in the teeth line by using braces or other supporting devices.

Pediatrics: our skilled dentists provide treatment services for infants and children who need care for maintaining healthy oral hygiene.

Periodontics: this sector includes the treatment of diseased gums and tissues surrounding the teeth.

Prosthodontics: The advancement in implant technology is adapted by our dental surgeon and provides services for single or multiple dental implants. The dental implants are inserted in place of missing tooth and once healed a crown is placed on the dental implant. The dental implants can be performed in all age groups and help to restore the missing tooth with artificial dental implant and crown and look like the natural tooth.

At greenview medical centre, we have a team of skilled and experienced dentists and dental surgeons to diagnose and treat any diseased conditions that affect the oral health. We have well equipped lab facilities to diagnose the disorders and to custom treatment plans to retain the oral health. To know more about the dental departments and to consult our dentists, book an appointment now.

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