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IVF Treatment for Fertility

IVF departments at Greenview Medical Centre has an expert team of specialists and gynecologists with most modern and well equipped lab facilities to diagnose and treat all problems associated with infertility. During the natural conception procedure an egg is released from the ovary and travels to the fallopian tube. Here the egg gets fertilized by the sperm that manages to reach the target. The fertilized embryo divides and travels through the fallopian tube and reaches the uterus and gets implanted in the uterine cavity wall for growth and development.

Due to some reasons this may not occur naturally in many couples. This is where IVF treatment comes for the rescue. In Vitro Fertilization or popularly known as IVF treatment is a procedure to fertilize an egg and sperm in a lab and the fertilized egg is deposited into the uterus under required growth conditions. IVF is the most flourishing form of assisted reproductive technology or ART. Before the IVF treatment the specialists conducts various blood tests and ultrasound scans to evaluate the reproductive concerns and issues in the couple.

Generally IVF procedure is suggested for patients who have following health conditions:

  • Infertile or wounded fallopian tubes

  • Low sperm count and mobility

  • Irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation disorders

  • Hormonal imbalance causing repeated abortion

  • Early ovarian collapse

  • Presence of fibroids

  • Unexplained infertility causes

At Greenview medical centre our specialists conducts the Best IVF Treatment protocols with excellent facilities customized for best possible IVF, IUI, ICSI outcome.

IVF Procedure Followed by Infertility Specialist

Here we are discussing the steps carried out during the IVF procedure.

  • Ovulation Induction
    our infertility specialists monitor the ovulation process and administer ovulation Induction Medications to stimulate the follicle to produce and release one or more eggs with optimum hormone levels. This step is carried out to collect the healthiest egg from the ovary to increase the chances for in vitro fertilization process. Development of eggs is monitored through ultrasound scans and blood tests.

  • Egg Retrieval
    The mature egg is then retrieved through a minor surgery and placed in sterile containers at adequate hormone levels.

  • Insemination & Fertilization
    Next step is the collection of sperm and a concentrated gathering of motile sperm is produced. In a sterile chamber the egg and sperms are mixed to facilitate the fertilization and development of a healthy embryo.

  • Embryo Transfer and Implantation
    one or more healthiest and fast growing embryo is transferred to the uterine cavity for further development. This completes the procedure of IVF treatment. Rest of the embryos is preserved at optimum conditions.

After the IVF Procedure

Once the IVF procedure is complete, the patient is advised to take bed rest for at least 24 hours. It is important to check for any pain after the treatment. It’s normal to have following symptoms such as:

  • Discharge of fluids from the cervix

  • High estrogen levels can lead to breast tenderness

  • Mild cramping and bloating

  • Constipation