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Orthopedics department provides services in diagnosing and treating the musculoskeletal system of the body. This includes any abnormality in the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and associated nerves and skin. The musculoskeletal system allows the movement of the body. The orthopedists use various techniques including the medical, surgical and rehabilitative methods of treatments to eliminate any disorder that causes hindrance in the movements of the musculoskeletal system. At Greenview medical centre, we have a team of skilled and experienced orthopedists to treat various medical conditions that occur in the musculoskeletal system including fracture and dislocation of bones and muscles, torn ligaments, sprains and strains in ligaments and tendons, pulled muscles, spine disk dislocation, back pain, knee knocks, low legs, arthritis, osteoporosis and growth abnormalities. The orthopedists diagnose the medical condition and suggest the treatment plan using surgery, medical plans, exercise or through medications.

Knee Arthroscopy

Rehabilitation method of treatment plays a major role in recovery process to smoothen the movements of muscles and bones. Physical therapy helps restore the strength and function of the bones and muscles. If the treatment procedure demands the surgical rectification, the orthopedists discuss the various options before the surgery and ask the patients to be prepared and find time for the aftercare session which plays a crucial role during the healing and recovery period. The healing process is initiated by the physiotherapy program which is compulsory after the surgical procedure. During the physiotherapy session, the patients are trained to perform various set of exercises particular to the location which helps to regain the strength of the bones and muscles.

Cervical Cerclage

At Greenview medical centre, we have advanced technological facilities to treat all medical conditions that cause disorder in the musculoskeletal system. We provide services in arthroscopy, cellular research, surgical management of degenerative joint diseases and crafting articular cartilage in joints.
Surgeries performed for treating disorders in the musculoskeletal system include:


  • Arthroscopy: a minimal invasive surgical procedure that enables to view the joints through a laparoscope to rectify the disorder through visualization of the joints.
  • Fusion: uses the assistance of bone grafts and internal devices to fix bone fractures by fusing the internal devices with the bone.
  • Internal fixation: a procedure conducted to hold the broken pieces of bone in position with the help of metal rods or screws.
  • Joint replacement: in this process, a broken joint is removed and replaced with a prosthesis or artificial joint. This method of surgical treatment is used for patients who suffer from arthritis.
  • Osteotomy: procedure involves repositioning or correcting the bone deformity.
  • Soft tissue repair: restoration of damaged tendons and ligaments.

At greenview medical centre, with advanced technologies and experienced and skilled orthopedists, all medical conditions that restrict the movement of any part of the body can be treated and relieved at affordable costs. The treatment plans include medications, therapies and medical counseling for faster recovery after the treatment. We also provide special physiotherapy treatment plans and discuss with the patients to select the best treatment option for faster treatment and recovery.

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