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Ultrasound Scan - 3D & 4D

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What is Ultrasound Scan?

All pregnant women are familiar with ultrasound scans that are performed during their pregnancy period. They are excited to see their tiny baby growing in their womb through ultrasound scans. Recent research and study have developed modern technique in ultrasound scanning. We give a CD copy of the images.

Benefits of Ultrasound Scan

In standard ultrasound scanning the images are grey and are focused in the internal organs of the fetus. In 3D and 4D ultrasound scanning, images are more clear and visible as they show the skin of the baby and the internal organs. This enables to view the shape of the growing baby and can even view the tiny nose of the growing fetus. These scans provide more details and information of the growing fetus from different angles. This helps the doctors to diagnose any kind of abnormality in the growing fetus. They are also used to monitor the heart and other internal organs. 3D and 4D ultrasound scans are as safe as the standard ultrasound scans. The only difference is in the dimensional images that are provided by the 3D images.

3d  and 4d  Ultrasound Scans

The main difference in 3D and 4D ultrasound scans is that in 3D ultrasound scanning images are produced in three angles and are restructured to view as in real life. In 4D ultrasound scanning, the scanning technology using time as the 4th dimension. This helps to view the 3D image as moving in synchronized form. Even though 3D and 4D ultrasound scans provide real images, in some cases this may not be possible if the fetus is not in a good position to capture the images. Unlike the standard ultrasound scans the new technology in scanning add a new dimension to the images produced and provides a clear view to the fetal skin and internal organs. This helps the doctors to examine the morphology of the uterus and shape of the growing fetus inside the womb.

At Greenview medical Centre we provide the facility for 3D and 4D ultrasound scanning. This facilitates our doctors to inspect the fetus, the uterus with the amount of amniotic fluid and to observe for any abnormalities in the growing fetus. These scans are recommended for high risk pregnancy to monitor the growing fetus and the uterus of the mother.

At Greenview medical Centre, we have a team of experts to help you treat and recover from all health conditions. We have the best medical infrastructure and medical utilities to provide all round care and support to the patients. We have an expert team of doctors to discuss and organize ultrasound scanning appointments and to take proper care from the beginning of the pregnancy to childbirth with no complications. For any queries related to 3D and 4D ultrasound scanning contact us