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At Greenview medical Centre we offer all the support and facilities to perform colposcopy examination procedure.

Colposcopy is a process that uses a viewing tool known as colposcope to inspect the cervix, vagina and vulva of the female genital for any abnormality. Doctors recommend for a Colposcopy if the result of Pap test is positive. During examination if any abnormal growth of tissues is found, then samples are collected from the area and sent for further investigation.


Colposcopy in Bangalore

Pap test is positive usually when there are viral infections in the genital area. A colposcope is a large microscope that provides magnified images with a light attached. Colposcopy also allows attaching a camera to take pictures and to record video during the examination procedure.

Colposcopy method of diagnosing is used for:

  • Genital infections
  • Cervix inflammation
  • Abnormal growth of tissue in the cervix, vagina and vulva

Colposcopy is a safe examination procedure. For conducting a Colposcopy procedure doctors suggest not to have intercourse for a day or two before the procedure. It is also suggested not to use any vaginal medications and tampons before the procedure.


Colposcopy Procedure

During the Colposcopy procedure the patient is asked to lie down on a table in Lithotomy position . A lubricated metal speculum is placed in the vagina to keep the walls of the vagina open to get a clear view of the cervix. Then a Colposcope is positioned few inches away from the vulva. This enables the doctor to view the genital parts in enlarged and clarified images with light from the end of the Colposcope. The cervix and vagina are cleaned using sterile cotton to remove any discharge or mucus present. Any iodine solution or vinegar is then poured over the vagina which helps emphasize any abnormality in the area. This can cause some irritation in the area. If any abnormal cell growth is found in the area, a sample of tissue is collected for further investigation. For collecting the sample a biopsy tool is used to remove the tissues. If abnormal growth of tissues is found in the cervix region then this biopsy is termed as cervical biopsy. If the biopsy is performed from the vaginal tissues then it is referred to as vaginal biopsy.

After the Colposcopy procedure the patient may experience light bleeding, pelvic pain and fever. For some there can be vaginal discharge with pain. Depending on the biopsy reports treatments are decided by the doctor for recovery from any abnormalities if present.

At Greenview medical centre, we have a team of well experienced specialists and surgeons to help you treat and recover from all medical conditions. We have the best medical infrastructure and medical utilities to provide all round care and support to the patients. For any queries related to colposcopy contact us.

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