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The ENT department at Greenview medical centre offers specialty care for all disorders that affect ear, nose, head and neck region. We have a team of experts to provide treatments plans (surgical and non-surgical) after through screening and evaluation of the medical condition with a well-equipped diagnosis centre. Our hi-tech lab facilities enable complete diagnosing and understanding of all medical disorders and to plan custom treatments according to the condition and for faster recovery from the medical illness. The ENT department offers treatments for all disorders of ENT as discussed below:

Nose & Mouth disorders: Allergy, sinusitis, sinus infection, deviated septum are few medical conditions that can occur in the nose and mouth region. After the complete evaluation of the condition and understanding the causes for the diseased condition,

treatments are recommended by our specialists to relieve you from the discomfort caused by the disorder.

Ear disorders and hearing conditions: medical conditions that impair the hearing property including ear drainage, otitis ear, noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus, sudden hearing loss, deafness or simple build-up of wax in the ears can be treated and removed by our experienced specialists in the ENT department.
Throat disorders: throat disorders include thyroid nodules, infections, voice disorders that affect the person ability to communicate in a normal voice. All these conditions can be rectified by our ENT specialist with medical or surgical treatment options.

Head and neck disorders: recent development in science and technology had developed numerous minimal invasive techniques to rectify various disorders that occur in the head and neck region. These include the facial paralysis, facial trauma, plastic surgery, sports injuries, cancer in the head and neck region, sinus headaches, thyroid disorders and other infections that can affect the associated organs in the head and neck region.

Pediatric disorders: kids are always in the risk to develop infections and other medical disorders. However symptoms vary in each child depending on the immunity and nutritional level of the child. Accordingly, the treatment options also vary as per the child health condition. Pediatric disorders include allergic reactions, throat infection, earaches, food allergies or pediatric head and neck tumors.

Cancer: Tumour growth in the head and neck region can be fatal and aggressive. Symptoms of cancer in these regions include the change in skin texture, pain in the area, loss of voice etc. It is important to diagnose and treat these conditions are early as possible. At Greenview medical centre, we have well equipped hi-tech lab facilities to process all screening tests to detect the presence of tumor outgrowth in the head and neck region and to plan treatments accordingly.

At Greenview medical centre, we have a team of experts to help you treat and recover from all medical conditions related to ear, nose and throat. We have the best medical infrastructure and medical utilities to provide all round care and support to the patients. To know more about the ENT department and to meet our team of specialist or for any queries, contact us.

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