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Ophthalmology deals with the medical conditions that affect the eyes and vision. All medical conditions that occur in the eyes are diagnosed and treated by an ophthalmologist. At greenview medical centre, we have a team of skilled and experienced ophthalmologist to perform all medical and surgical treatment options to recover from all disorders of the eyes. An ophthalmologist conducts a wide array of tests to evaluate the disease condition of the eye and custom plan treatments to help regain the vision with minimal discomfort. The Ophthalmology department at greenview medical centre has expert ophthalmologists with top-notch lab facilities to diagnose and treat any complex eye conditions and diseases.

When to consult an ophthalmologist?

Any signs of infection or discomfort in the eyes have to be treated as soon as possible. Ignoring any minor symptoms can affect the vision of your eyes. It is recommended that if a person encounters any of the following conditions consult our ophthalmologist:

  • Sudden blur of vision including flashes of light, water vision or double vision.
  • Change in the direction of vision
  • Any physical change to the eye
  • Abnormality in color vision
  • Infection of eyelids
  • Any trauma or accident near to the eye

Even if there is no presence of any medical condition, it is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist during elderly stages of your lifetime for early detection of development of any abnormality. As age increases the chances to develop cataract increases and this can be diagnosed in early changes if consultation is scheduled accordingly. Age also effects the power of vision and this can be adjusted and brought to normal by using adequate power lenses or specs. This improves the reading and viewing quality irrespective of the age and can be active all years through.
Few medical conditions and disorders that occur in eyes are discussed below:

  • Glaucoma: a medical condition that affects the optic nerve caused by excess pressure on the nerve. This can cause headache, blurred vision and if not treated will reduce the power of vision.
  • Cataract: This is a medical condition that causes vision obstruction by the formation of a cloudy film on the eye lens. This condition is mostly found in elderly persons.
  • Retinal diseases: a condition that occurs in the retina. At the back of the eye, there are layers of nerves that sense light and send impulses to the brain for image recognition.
  • Corneal disorder: disorders affecting the cornea and the pupil.
  • Eyelid infections: any external factors can cause infections in the eyelids and eyelashes.
  • Neuroophthalmology: brain abnormality that causes vision impairment.
  • Pediatric eye disorders: crossed eye vision.

At greenview medical centre, we have a skilled and experienced ophthalmologist to diagnose and treat any medical conditions that affect the vision irrespective of the age. We have well equipped lab facilities to diagnose the disorders and to custom treatment plans to rectify vision impairment. To know more about the ophthalmology departments and to consult our ophthalmologist, book an appointment now.

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