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Total Knee Replacement

What is it?

Total Knee Replacement is a surgical treatment option where the surgeon removes the knee joint’s damaged bone and cartilage and then replaces them with prosthetic parts that are usually manufactured from metal, hard plastic or polymers. This surgery allows the patient to continue their normal life with reduced pain and improved functionality of the knee.

Total Knee Replacement is usually opted by doctors when the pain in the knee joint does not allow the patient to perform his/her daily activities properly and other treatment options are ineffective.

When is it needed?

Doctors usually recommend Total Knee Replacement surgery for the following:

  • Osteoarthritis: is the disease where the cartilage that cushions the knee joints are softened and worn out by the daily wear and tear.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: causes inflammation and thickening of the synovial membrane that surrounds the knee joint damaging the cartilage causing pain, stiffness, and loss of cartilage.
  • Post-Traumatic Arthritis: is usually the case that follows a serious knee injury when the bones surrounding the knee are fractured. This can lead to the damage of the articular cartilage by the torn knee ligaments over time. This will cause Knee pain and limited knee function.

Total Knee Replacement surgery might be recommended for the following cases too:

  • Limiting the patient’s normal activities like walking, climbing stairs, sitting and getting up from chairs due to severe pain.
  • Presence of pain even while resting or sleeping at night.
  • Deformation of the knee with bowing in or out.
  • When other knee-joint pain treatment options prove ineffective

Pre-Procedural Activities

  • Preparation of the patient for Total Knee Replacement surgery by performing diagnostic tests like blood tests, ECG, MRI or X-ray and a physical examination of the knee.
  • The patient is advised to inform the doctor of the all the medications and supplements presently taken by the patient.
  • Doctors might recommend major dental procedures and urinary evaluations to be done prior to this surgery, depending on the patient’s health.
  • Please do not eat and drink 6-12 hours prior to the procedure.
  • The patient’s home has to be prepared as per the doctor’s recommendations to help the patient adjust to post-surgery life.

During Procedure

  • Anesthesia will be administered to the patient, it could be either:
    • Local Anesthesia that numbs the region below the waist.
    • General Anesthesia will put the patient in an unconscious state
  • Bending the knee exposes the surfaces of the joint.
  • The surgeon creates incisions of about 6-10 inches long.
  • Then the kneecap is moved aside and the surgeon will remove minimal bone damaged joint surfaces.
  • The surgeon will then attach the artificial anatomical joint. The incision is closed after testing the knee by bending and balancing it.

Post-Procedural Activities

  • The patient is usually admitted on the day of surgery and will be discharged within 72-96 hours after the surgery.
  • Required measures for controlling any blood-clotting situation, pain and swelling will be taken by the doctor.
  • The patient and the caretakers will be given training on how to handle things after the surgery. They might have to follow the exercise regimen as instructed by either the doctor or the physical therapist.
  • The patient will have to visit the doctor for a follow-up after a few days.

About Green View Medical Center

We, at Green View Hospital, strictly adhere to the Government of India guidelines set by the NPAA for procuring standard Implants at the standardized Government rates. We perform all our high-end Total Knee Replacements with J&J DePuy and Gold Knee.

Green View Medical Center has a separate unit with a dedicated specialist consultant, who is ably supported by a team of highly trained and experienced health professionals, including physiotherapists.

We also provide in-house rehabilitation facilities of all types.