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High - Risk Pregnancies

A pregnancy is referred to as a high risk pregnancy when there are complications that affect the well being of the mother or the baby or both. High risk pregnancy requires special care and attention to have a healthy baby and mother during the pregnancy period and birth. There are various factors that lead to high risk pregnancy. Some of the reasons are discussed below:

  • Age: Age is a major factor that leads a pregnancy to high risk pregnancy. Expected mothers who are under the age of 17 and those who are above 35 years have higher chances for complications during the pregnancy period. Getting pregnant at these age groups can cause genetic defects in the baby and miscarriage of pregnancy.
  • Medical conditions: many medical conditions can also lead to high risk pregnancy. Some of them are high blood pressure, high glucose levels or diabetes, heart diseases, autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases such as HIV. Presence of such medical conditions makes the pregnancy period complicated.
  • Medical history: women who had continuous miscarriage, genetic disorders and complicated previous pregnancies also have the chances to develop high risk pregnancy.

If any of these factors affects during the pregnancy period it may lead to high risk pregnancy. At Greenview medical centre we offer all the support and advice for the patients with pregnancy complications. Greenview medical centre is a multispecialty hospital with well equipped infrastructure and have an expert team of doctors and surgeons to help you to overcome all complication leading to high risk pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.

In some cases even if the women is healthy during the pregnancy period she may develop some medical conditions that can be harmful to the well being of the baby and mother. Preeclampsia is one such medical condition associated with high blood pressure and swelling in the urinary tract. This can be fatal to the mother and baby if left untreated. Another cause for high risk pregnancy is diabetes. Gestational diabetes is now frequently diagnosed in pregnant women. Under proper meditation and treatment this can be kept in bay during the pregnancy period. At Greenview medical centre we have an expert team of doctors, nurses and midwifes to discuss and organize appointments and to take proper care from the beginning of the pregnancy to childbirth with no complications.

Other causes that lead to high risk pregnancy include:

  • Premature labor: premature labor is termed as when the labor pain and child birth occurs before the complete cycle of pregnancy. A child birth labor is termed as premature when it is before 37 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Multiple births: women who got pregnant by infertility treatments have more chances for carrying more than two babies. This can increase the chances for premature labor, diabetes or high blood pressure. Such cases require special attention during the pregnancy period.
  • Embryo defects: in some cases the developing embryo may have some problem in proper development leading to high risk pregnancy

At Greenview medical centre, we have the best medical infrastructure and medical utilities to provide all round care and support to the pregnant women. For any queries related to high risk pregnancy care contact us.