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Counselling Services at GreenView

What is Counselling ?

Counselling is a therapy provided to individuals who are facing mental and emotional challenges. It is a treatment that involves talking with a counselor about the emotional situations an individual has to face leading them into a state of depression. Counselling helps them to be confident and to speak out all issues making them more independent on situations that are challenging them. A counselor is trained to listen and to provide motivation and inspiration to face the world with full confidence. All negative thought and stress are wiped out from the mindset of the patient and introduces new techniques and methods to be happy and realistic for the moment. Counselling is used to treat various mental condition including depression, anxiety, stress, personality disorder, eating disorder, addiction to drug, sex education and so on.

Genetic Counselling

Genetic counselling is aimed to individuals who have genetic disorders. Genetic counselling is considered if an individual or his family member has genetic disorder or if a woman gets pregnant after the age of 35 which can source the baby to develop some genetic disorder due to high maternal age. It is also suggested for couples who have had lost multiple pregnancies and also who finds out the possibility of genetic disorder after the ultrasound scanning.

Genetic Counselling

Drug Abuse

Drug addiction is a mental state that demands the usage of drug by the body to perform daily activities. Drug addicts find it difficult to control the use of drugs and exhibit withdrawal syndromes if not used for some time. Counselling can help them repair their mental attraction to drug by following specific strategies. Drug addicts find it difficult to get mixed up in social life, loss interest in relationships and get intoxicated for the use of drugs throughout their life. Counselling help them to recover from intoxication to better living being.


Psychiatric counselling includes treating patients who are under severe depression and conditions like schizophrenia. They help in treating mental disorders and uses biomedical approaches to recover the patients to normal life.


Obesity and overweight patients are recommended for dietary counselling to get knowledge on the harmful effects of being overweight and to know what to eat right in right proportions to become healthy and fit. Dietary counselling helps the patient to be aware on the diseased condition and increase the effectiveness of the treatment. A counsellor helps and guide in planning suitable menu and put forward realistic goals to prevent from getting ill.


Sexual Education

Sex education provides knowledge about healthy sex life, uses of contraceptive methods to avoid unintended pregnancy and to make good decision in sex life. These include gaining knowledge in human reproduction, maintaining relationships, improving personal skills, sexual behaviour and health.

At Greenview medical centre, we have an excellent team of counselors to help you recover from all medical conditions. We have the best medical infrastructure and medical utilities to provide all round care and support to the patients. For any queries related to counselling contact us.